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  • We work best with people who are committed and dedicated to changing their lives. 
  • Our best results are working with individuals who cannot attend residential or outpatent rehab due to occupational commitmets. 
  • We only work with men (college age and older).
  • Perhaps you've had a prior experience in rehab that didn't go well. We feel we offer something of greater value. 
  • We work great with people who have a hard time with the 12-step programs and are looking for an alternative to addressing their struggles. 


  • We've worked in rehab and we know that the standard of care in most rehabs is sub-par. We believe in the highest quality of truly individualized service. 
  • We work with people who are open to the 12-steps, or completely against the 12-step program. Either way, we are confident we can help you. 
  • We believe in getting to the heart of the matter. No wasted time in meaningless activites that don't produce results. 
  • Our trained professionas are licensed therapists and certified drug and alcohol counselors using the most cutting edge evidence based treatments. 

Our Services

Comprehensive help from trained professionals with a track record of great results.

Mental Health Treatment Related to Addiction

Sober Coaching & Sober Companions

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Related to Addiction

Interventions & Crisis Management

Intensive Individual, Marriage & Family Therapy 

Holistic Work/Life Balancing For Sustainable Health 

Meet Our Powerful Team

Quentin Hafner, LMFT

Quentin is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with over a decade helping people with addiction struggles. Quentin has worked as the Clinical Director for several of the highest quality residential addiction programs throughout Southern California. Quentin is passionate about helping restore families and relationships from addiction challenges. 

Jeff Azling, Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor

Jeff has worked in the addiction field for over 15 years, resulting in helping over 1,000 people turn their lives around from addiction. Prior to working in the addiction field, Jeff worked in the corporate world with an MBA from USC. Jeff enjoys working with professionals wanting to recover from addiction struggles. 

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